It’s come to our attention that there have been some concerns over the voting mechanic in our Chuckit! Challenge, and we would like to take this opportunity to reassure all our fans.

Here at Chuckit! we take accusations of fraudulent activity very seriously and so we’re working diligently to audit the results of the votes we have received so far, and we’re happy to report that we have found no issues or malfunctions with the voting platform. We will be conducting a full audit at the close of the competition to ensure that all votes have been accurately and fairly counted. 


Is it Chuckit! that is counting the votes?

  • To host this stage of the competition, we are using a secure, well-recognised and established voting platform called WooBox.

How many times can I vote?

  • We have set a limitation to one vote per Facebook user per day to make sure that people can't vote for their favourite multiple times.
  • Any member of the public is allowed one vote in a 24hr period and this is based on PST time, which means that voting refreshes at 8am every day.

I’m able to vote more than once in a day, is it working properly?

  • If an individual clears their cookies or uses a different device/browser then they may be able to view the voting page again, and it will appear to them that they are casting another vote. However, this vote is not registered and this is an intentional security feature to prevent multiple voting.

There’s only two weeks left for our pawsome finalists, so make sure you keep supporting your favourite pooch and if you’ve not had chance yet you can vote here: