If you’ve noticed a little less wagging and a little more whining from your furry friend this month, then you’re not alone. Blue Monday is known to be the most depressing day of the year amongst us two-legged folk – but did you know Fido could be feeling the effects of the post-festivities too? Whether your pooch is carrying a bit of extra paunch, feels lonely now the family has returned to the regular routine, or whether they do just seem to be feeling a bit blue, we’ve got some tips to kick start your new year and help you and your pup feel more pawsitive!

Battling the Bulge

Christmas is a time for overindulgence which can leave us feeling lethargic, and this can be said for your dog too! To combat the damage the larger portion sizes and extra tasty treats have done to your pooch’s waistline, getting in some extra exercise is essential. Our range of Launchers are ideal for the fetch fanatic dog and for owners of all abilities, allowing you to throw a ball three times farther and improve your dog’s fitness over time Find the pawfect launcher for you and your furry friend here.

Chuckit! Ball and launcher

Gloomy weather

Gloomy days and early dusks at this time of year can make it harder work to build up motivation to take your dog on walkies. But who said you need the sun to have fun? Not us! With our Max Glow range, fetch time can be extended to early mornings and late nights (while also adding a dash of excitement and a new dimension during play). Check out our full range of Max Glow products here to take your winter walks to the next level and switch up a tired routine.

Chuckit! Max Glow Launcher

Returning to work

As we settle back into our usual work routines, your pooch can feel lonely and bored after having lots of company over the holidays. Adjusting to having less people to play with during the day can be difficult so it’s important to keep them entertained with stimulating toys to pass the time. Our Indoor toys, are pawfect to keep your pooch entertained, with or without a partner to play with – and they can play the day away without worry as our Bounceflex™ Core Technology means they are softer than other toys to protect your prized possessions! 

Chuckit Indooor Ball

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